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On March 31, at the approval of the State Council, Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. ( “Sinochem”) and China National Chemical Corporation Ltd. ( “ChemChina”) will undertake a joint restructuring. Under such a joint restructuring plan, the equity interests of both Sinochem and ChemChina will be owned by a ne...
Sinochem International (600500. SH) is presenting a new ABS plant located in Yangzhou (Yizheng) Chemical Industrial Park, as part of its strategic planning for compounding materials. In the first phase, several specialty products from ELIX Polymers’ high quality product portfolio will be produced.
The agreement reached between ELIX Polymers and REPSOL will make it possible to implement a collaborative framework for a circular economy that includes the commitment to supply ISCC PLUS-certified recycled styrene on a regular basis as from 2021.

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